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The Cheese

Our Products contain egg, milk, and soy.  Gluten Free

Our Famous "Original" Spread is a recipe passed down from my grandmother.  This classic delicious mix of white and yellow cheeses is a favorite and you will instantly know why we haven't touched this recipe.  We hope that you will enjoy our Grandma's Original Spread as much as our family has for generations! 

This twist on our orignal recipie is for the spice lovers.  Although we rate the spicyness mild to medium, our "Spicy Jalapeño"" has a kick that will leave you humble for more!

Our most popular spread is our "Smoked Gouda Goat".  This unique mix of artisan aged smoked gouda and goat cheeses creates a flavor unlike any pimento spread you've had before.  Try this spreadable edible and see what all the buzz is about.

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